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Eye Color change by laser. What is New Eyes Laser?

NewEyes 7G is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the iris and, therefore, the color of the eyes, in a safe, efficient and predictable manner. The results are completely natural, and generally predictable. NewEyesLaser 6G Plus is a non-surgical outpatient laser technique, and therefore lacks the typical complications of intraocular surgery.


The laser neweyes 7G is the improvement of our first laser. Eyecos Clinical experience of more than 3.000 eyes treated and more than 10 years doing treatment. The clinic has also conducted studies about this technique for more than ten years ago.

All this investment makes our solution to change eye color is the most advanced, safe and effective in the world

The Eyecos Clinic focuses all its efforts on patient safety, so that not everyone is a candidate for this treatment. Thus we get close to 100% success rate in performing the treatment smoothly.

The most commonly observed was practical setback stromal micro bleeding, but is self-limiting in close to 100% of cases. Also it resolves spontaneously without leaving any alterations to spend a few hours.

The level of effectiveness of NEWEYES laser is very high. Instantly a change in iris color is achieved, from brown to green or blue.

Close to 100%  of the cases the objective sought has been achieved in completely removing the melanin pigment in the anterior iris, so that the eye color of the patient has been obviously apparently transformed, although discrete, from the initial color. In all cases the obtained hue was visibly clearer than the original brown.

The NEWEYES laser of EYECOS is highly safe, as no refractive changes, decreased visual acuity, limitations in pupillary reflexes, subacute or chronic uveitis, or intraocular pressure elevations have been observed after the treatment has been completed.

While there is a blurring of vision for approximately 4-5 hours following each laser session, owing to the miotic effect of pilocarpine and the dispersion of melanin pigment in the anterior chamber, the vision is fully recovered without remarkable inconveniences. On three occasions, for persisting a soft iritis with traces of pigment in the aqueous humor, it took up 48 hours to recover vision.

Having already demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the NEWEYES laser, we must address the issue of the predict- ability level. Before starting the treatment the patient is informed that he CAN
NOT CHOOSE the final color.

This color can vary from green to blue,
with their respective range of hues. While the practical NEWEYES predictability is close to 100% in achieving the pigmentation of the iris, is not as high with regards to the prediction of the exact color and tone at the end of treatment.

It is us, not the patient, who will inform, as accurately as possible, the likely outcome to be achieved. To do this we rely on three prediction factors:

  • Pigmentation level of the patient.
  • Photographs comparison with other cases already made.
  • Genetic characteristics of relatives.

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