The NewEyes One Step system has started successfully this week at EyeCos Barcelona. It is a breakthrough because from now on it will be possible to treat most patients (1,2,3 and many of 4) in a single 4-day phase.

                  A SINGLE TRIP !!!

The entire eye is treated in just 4 days of one minute laser sessions, and the patient sees definitive results in 1-2 weeks with a spectacular color change and no melanin traces. Only grades 4 may require further touch-up.

EyeCos NewEyes thus confirms its world leadership in R&D because, in addition, this new technique eliminates all discomfort during and after treatment, even light sensitivity.

Rapid Antibody and PCR Antigen tests

EyeCos Clinic Barcelona offers RAPID COVID TESTS for patients: Antibodies (blood drop) and PCR Antigens (nasal swab) with result in just 15 minutes and valid as travel medical certificate.

NewEyes 6G Plus is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the eyes.

in a safe, efficient and predictable manner. The results are completely natural, and generally predictable.

You can start by visiting the instructions

What is your degree of pigmentation?

Know what your degree of pigmentation is by comparing the table and an image that you can make using our Eye Selfie app, which you will find available for Android and iOS.

Eyecos Apps

Through the apps that we have created, you will be able to perform the whole simulation process of the result until you get all the information necessary to carry out the treatment. Available for Android, iOS or your personal computer.

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