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NewEyes 7G is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the iris and, therefore, the color of the eyes.

NewEyes 7G is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the iris and, therefore, the color of the eyes.

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Exceptional service and expertise at the Eyecos Clinic!The doctor took the time to address all my concerns, explaining each step of the process with clarity. Very helpful staff members and clean Clinic. Highly recommend Eyecos for anyone seeking good eye care!
I have to say that I have never seen such professional smart and great staff . They are attentive smart and the machine are our of this world . The doctor is super smart confidant and he knows his things . She created the machine himself and since 2012 he had ,6000 patient who are all satisfied . I went to him and he immediately said that I'm a candidate for second meaning he charged me only ,$3350 and I was shock how cheap inset $8000 so that's how honest he is . I asked him if I dint get my turquoise blue can I come back he said no you don't need to come back you will have a turquoise blue he is sure about his work . I was shock that see people coming to his office from all around the world directly from airport and when I asked them they were all were super excited and assured me that they seen result and they trust him I also realized majority of his client from USA and UAE and Dubai and ever far from Africa . I felt this is the doctor who is extremely pricey and excited to say as soon as I see my complete result I will print my result so you all can see . I already see it but I want everyone to see the obvious change . Excited and happy to know such amazing doctor and amazing office . Thank you all for making my dream come through .the photo is from dark brown to the light color al.odt green blue
Excelentes las chicas y excelentísimo doctor! No se puede pedir más!
Cristina Valero
The best and most trustworthy place to deal with your eye color.
Cristina Matei
I read all the comments here. I am in deep research. My eyes are brown and I'm thinking of going to eyecos. I think negative comments were made because the expectation of very dark brown eyes suddenly turning blue was not met. However, it is unsettling that no one has posted clear before and after photos.
Asd Asd
Ayer terminé mi primera fase, fue muy tranquila y fui muy bien recibido por todo el equipo. ❤️
Vanessa Caldas

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Start by reading the instructions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

The safety of our patients comes first.
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You will be able to complete the entire process of simulating the result and get all the necessary information to carry out the treatment.

Eyecos is the world’s leading eye color change clinic. Check out our continuous R&D innovations.


After many years being the reference eye color change clinic, our patients are very happy and their level of satisfaction and trust helps us to continue working to continue being the world’s leading eye color change clinic.

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Pedro Grimaldos, MD

Medical director

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. University of Valencia. Faculty of Medicine 1979-1985

Doctor in Ophthalmology. University of Valencia 1990

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Images before and after.

NewEyesLaser 7G Plus is a non-surgical outpatient laser technique, and therefore lacks the typical complications of intraocular surgery.

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When the idea of changing the color of your eyes arises, it’s natural for numerous questions to flood your mind. What is the most suitable

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Medical and aesthetic
Eye Color change by laser. NewEyes 7G is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the eyes. The safety of our patients comes first.

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