Cost and method of payment

From now on you can defer payment in 3,6,9 and 12 months if you pay by credit card.

Grades 1, 2 y 3

to light blue or turquoise
  • Only 1-2 phases of 4 days and retouch

Grade 4

bluish gray
  • Only 2-3 phases of 4 days and retouch

Grade 5

  • Only 3-4 phases of 4 days

Clearance only Grade 4-5

to light brown or hazelnut
  • Only 1 phases of 4 days

Extra phase for
grades 2-3

  • from phase 4

Extra phase for
grades 4-5

  • from phase 5

In grade 4 patients, a 4-day FIRST phase is performed, and 4 months later, a 4-day SECOND phase.
In grade 5 patients, two phases of 4 days separated by 4 months are performed, and a last phase of touch-up

Eyecos Clinic presents you with a unique opportunity to transform the color of your eyes with our exclusive package of 30 sessions, to achieve the top bright effect, all for only €8,000. Take advantage of this special offer.

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IMPORTANT: The one-time payment for the Neweyes laser is made up front and includes the number of laser phases necessary to achieve the predicted result based on the initial pigment. The phases are NOT unlimited. And only the Doctor decides whether to make any final touches. Always according to medical, professional, prevention and common sense criteria to achieve realistic results.

The first day tests are carried out at Eyecos Barcelona to confirm whether the patient is fit or not. Therefore, it is suggested to take this into account when booking a flight and hotel.The treatments will always be from Monday to Thursday in the morning.

You can make the payment in cash, Paypal or by credit card.

From now on you can defer payment in 3,6,9 and 12 months if you pay by credit card. More information

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