Using Latisse obscures the iris. This product is contraindicated with NewEyes Laser

What is Latisse?


For anyone unaware of the issue, Latisse is a product used for lengthening eyelashes. This product comes from Lumigan, which is indicated eyes eye drops to patients with glaucoma to reduce elevated intraocular pressure and its active ingredient bimatoprost. With the use of this product was found to patient lashes lengthened. Then it was created under the Latisse brand and as a product for lengthening eyelashes.



For it is contraindicated with NewEyes Laser?


Well it turns out to have various side effects and one of them is that OBSCURES THE IRIS, ie, bimatoprost produces hyperpigmentation. It is not permanent but it takes too long to recover the original color, darker eyes is hard to see.

But for people who have made neweyes Laser may affect more way to have very clear eyes, so is absolutely forbidden, otherwise it will obscure the iris.


Real case


It can sometimes obscure the eye as the image, it presents around the current greenish after performing Laser neweyes but hyperpigmented in the center and grows ever wider radius.



You can easily reach this page for more informationñas/Crecepestañas/Lumigan/Bimatoprost.htm

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