Surprisingly, you can change the color of the eyes

There is already a fully secure solution for changing eye color. It’s called NewEyes Laser and consists of a novel laser eye surgery done quickly and outpatient basis. Thus, problems such as iris heterochromia or just other related self esteem are solved properly. The results also are completely natural and largely predictable, as is known in advance what will happen to the millimeter.

Currently, up to three hundred people worldwide have been subjected to this laser eye surgery.
They have not mentioned any own side effect of other intraocular operations such as phobia to light, dryness or irritation.
To also possess ambulatory, not entail risks of other typical surgery intraocular pressure as elevations or refractive changes. The only setback was detected stromal microhaemorrhage, which resolves spontaneously in 100% of cases.

Indeed, such is the safety and speed of this technique many people come exclusively to Barcelona for treatment. It should be noted that the clinic is the only Eyecos worldwide clinical success and safety ensuring equally.
Furthermore, each particular case rigorously studying the problem cover personalized way. A group of professionals with experienced Doctor Grimaldos to the head, strengthens optimal results. The fact that at the same clinic a set of eye operations to treat cataracts, nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism guarantees the win made. Therefore, it is time to step in and resolve once and for all the problem that both decrease your confidence. Change eye color was never so easy and secure.

* This text is a translation of the original in Spanish. It may contain some translation errors. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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