Solving Heterochromia iridum with changing eye color

You know what is the Heterochromia iridum? Is a condition in which the eyes are different colors. This anomaly is due to excess or lack of coloration, because of a difference in the melanin in the iris, responsible for creating pigment. The laser eye can correct Heterochromia iridum by changing the color of eyes, a technique that arises result of research on this topic.


The causes of Heterochromia iridum are usually genetic, although injuries and diseases can also cause it. It may be total, when the eyes are different, or partial colors when only affects part of the iris. Until now, the only solution was to bring colored lenses. At present, it can be corrected by advances in the field of ophthalmology.


The laser treatment is applied during five sessions about to remove the surface layer of melanin and clarify naturally iris. It is always necessary that an ophthalmologist previously ruled that the patient may experience side effects from other ocular pathologies.


The technique is ambulatory, nonsurgical and therefore is not of the complications of intraocular surgery. Nor were then observed changes in visual acuity, pupillary reflexes or intraocular pressure. In 100% of cases depigmentation of the iris is achieved, although the final color can vary from green to blue, with their respective colors.


The treatment has already been practiced for hundreds of people around the world who have decided to meet or change the color of your eyes at the only clinic in the world who performs: Eyecos.


In short, it is an effective, safe and predictable technique. Whether you want to correct the Heterochromia iridum as changing the color of your eyes, what matters is that you are in hands of eye health professionals.


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