Research Service of the changing colors of the Eyes

Technological advances have made ​​it possible for something unthinkable until recently , change eye color . No reference to lenses , tattoos or other equally superficial and transient solutions. Through modern laser techniques for eyes is now possible to change the color of the iris and thus change the color of the eyes of any person permanently.

The Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona, ​​is one of the pioneers in this field of research and the first in the world that has managed to develop a fully effective , simple and safe technique to change the color of your eyes by laser technology. More than 4,000 eyes treated and more than 9 years doing treatment. Laser treatment neweyes with highly satisfactory results without having to go through surgery , with all the trouble that leads rigged .

This amazing breakthrough is the result of nearly 20 years that leads Eyecos dedicated to clinical research and technological development in the field of refractive ophthalmology and aesthetics. The passion for innovation that defines the work of practitioners is the origin of this new technology , unique in the world , you can change the color of the irises are influencing visual capacity . Now people who want the look of a different color have the ultimate solution. Laser neweyes puts the latest technology at the service of aesthetics and makes it affordable to everyone the possibility to change the eye color .

The ongoing commitment to research clinical Eyecos not end in developing technical exclusive Laser neweyes ; continues daily in a constant search for improvements in the treatment , not only in terms of results , but also with regard to the safety of this .
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