Recommendations for eye health

The view is one of our most important and sensitive way. The eye care, therefore, is a must. In this sense, they should bear in mind a number of tips related to eye health.

First, our eyes work better if we follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Having a healthy lifestyle is essential for this sense does not suffer. In fact, get enough rest, both at bedtime and through activities that require fixation of sight, it is essential to avoid eye fatigue. Not only have to watch these bodies but also their protectors. For example, glasses and contact lenses, which have to be in optimum condition and be approved with the models recommended by medical professionals. We must also avoid deficient or excessive lighting conditions indoors or overexposure to the sun, since it forces the view.

Eye care in times of year colder requires further attention. The use of heating causes dry eyes cold. Given this problem, the use of eyedrops is recommended wetting. We also participate in activities that involve risk to the eye, such as reading or using computers. Caring eye with computer in front depends posturing and appropriate distances, as it can dry out if not frequently flashes.
Hygiene, like food, is basic. When you rub your eyes with your hands, we risk getting infected in these sensitive organs.

The problems associated with eye health increases with age. All the more reason to periodically visit specialized in eye care doctors.
Undoubtedly, the view is the sense we most need to perform our daily activities, we must preserve it.

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