How to protect your eyes against the sun

Eye health is a key to personal well-being. A good eye care habits requires. In this sense, it is advisable to take care of view of the possible effects of the sun. How to take care eyes from the sun?

Continued exposure of the eye to ultraviolet rays can cause progressive vision loss. It is also very important to pay special attention to risk. For example, when driving a car when the driver can be dazzled by excess light at certain times if not protected appropriately. This dazzling effect of ultraviolet rays increases in certain contexts and summer, but also in snowy winter landscapes and rainy days.

Sunglasses are a very healthy resource that performs a function of visual impact protection from the sun. You should choose a frame with a quality crystals. Choose your sunglasses in a specialized optics. These glasses must also have a corrective function in the event that the person has a visual problem such as myopia or astigmatism. In this case, the glass lenses must be graduates.

Thus, people who habitually use a goggles also prevent the possible consequences of having dry eye. The cold eye dryness is a common problem in winter. Choose approved sunglasses, preferably in the following colors: amber, brown, green and gray. Also, when walking through the city, avoid looking directly at the sun.

Take advantage of daylight hours in your home to perform those activities that require visual effort (read the newspaper or sewing). Finally, good lighting also enhances the working concentration eye care at the computer.

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