Eyecos presents The 2nd Generation of NewEyes Laser

After more than two years of experience, the Eyecos Clinic presents the new generation of NewEyes Laser treatment to change eye color.

After more than two years developing the treatment of eye color change laser, with hundreds of patients worldwide, Dr Grimaldos and Eyecos Clinic Barcelona present the second generation of NewEyes Laser.

Among the news of the new treatment, simplicity (in many cases it will be performed in a single session for each eye), and the ability to perform the treatment in eyes with pigmentation grade IV, the most widespread among the population, are the main ones.

A pigmentation table is available in NewEyesLaser.com, in order to check the pigmentation grade of the patient’s eyes. You can see the table here.

The new generation of NewEyes Laser Treatment is expected to be fully active at the end of this year 2014.

The clinic has filmed a promotional video to simulate the results of the treatment and to graphically understand its procedure. 

Check the video out here:

  • sepa

    is it possible now for dark brown eyes? i want to make an appointment

    18 September, 2014
  • beniel

    Hi I have dark brown eyes like the picture you may have pigmentation is the new laser could change my eye color to blue light gray and when can I start treatment ?

    30 September, 2014
  • Elle Marie

    With the second generation laser, how many sessions would you have to do?

    27 October, 2014
  • JEAN

    HI,i had got a laser treatment-lasik for myopia 10 years ago,
    if i can get this treatment to change my eyes colour?
    i have the the examination for my eyes after the lasik every 2 years-everything is ok.

    10 November, 2014
  • dv

    Will the procedure ever come to the us? If so when?

    10 November, 2014
  • Nina

    Hi Im in England can I have brown eyes and want to book and appointment how can I book an appointment?

    18 November, 2014
  • Lii

    My eyes are 4 degree so I am waiting for a new laser to be active in January, but can I make an appointment and plan my treatment before January?

    23 November, 2014
  • Romero

    Hey admin, my eyes are a very dark brown. They might even be level V. Will you guys be working on treatment for darker than IV in the future? Thanks

    8 December, 2014
  • murcho

    does it possible turn dark last level of brown eyes to blue right now ?

    2 January, 2015
  • Silvia rafaela

    hi , my name is Silvia and I live in Brazil. I have eyes in the level III of the table, and I have one eye with green pigment. I would do this surgery to change the color of my eyes, for use colored lenses . How long I have to stay in Barcelona for this procedure ? How much is the value in the real currency of Brazil ?
    thank you, I’m waiting …

    5 January, 2015
  • Claudio

    Is there any estimate of when you guys will treat darker eyes, V or more?
    Thank U

    17 January, 2015
  • Emily

    I e-mailed you my picture and I have IV level eyes. I have been waiting to get my eyes done with your new laser and I even bought a ticket to Spain but you keep extending the date for the release. You said March when I asked in January and now you guys told me to wait at least 4 months and extend my ticket. Your company is being very unprofessional and I don’t want a release date unless it’s really being relased then. Thank you.

    21 March, 2015