Testimonio Grado III oscuro

Actual history of a patient who has undergone NewEyesLaser treatment.

Send us a letter of your experience and various personal pictures to show us your result.

Dr. BB, born in Argentina and practicing in Uruguay, explains her experience with the NewEyes Laser 2G color change treatment, which I do this month of March of the 2016 and that has not had inconvenience in which we do it public. (It is a recreation of the various messages and conversations made with Dr. Grimaldos, in italics we represent conversations extracted literally through whatsapp).

For a long time I wanted to clarify the color of my eyes, since I was very little. I met the Eyecos Clinic from the Internet by publication from a known one.

Then I wanted to inform myself, I was grade 3 and the Doctor told me that I would carry out my treatment with his new laser. An evolution of the first one that I develop.

Months later I was in a plane heading to Barcelona, to clarify the color of my eyes. Was it what he always had loved and this clinic of Barcelona was doing it, incredible!

Antes del tratamiento

This is my experience

09:00 I access the Clinic, since I have time with Dr. Shadows We have spoken several times always worrying about my ocular health and my mental health. I guess it will be part of the protocol.

Today I made the first laser session in my right eye. In the consultation I explain in detail the operation of the treatment and I will have to sign a simple consent document. The session takes place in a few minutes.

The Doctor will schedule a control visit tomorrow and Wednesday to perform a session in the right eye. I’m going to the hotel to rest.

11:00 Some minor discomforts, with no vision problems and a little photosensitivity.

Primera sesión en un ojo

Tuesday 12:00
Conduct control with the Doctor. Without annoyance, perfect vision, I also think that I have removed some of my presbyopia. Dr. Grimaldos tells me that it is very possible.

Wednesday 10:00
Second session, today touches the left eye. The right eye has cleared me a lot already. I hope the same happens with the left. I made the session and very similar to the other eye. Any inconvenience but without more.

5:00 PM
I talk to the Doctor to tell him that the eye is good. No problem, the inconvenience is already over, they have also been very mild.

Primera sesión realizada en cada ojo

Thursday 10:00
Both eyes worked and still clarify incredibly.

Session of control with the Doctor, the annoyances have disappeared, and I see my eyes very clear. The Doctor reminds me that in the next session they will become clearer.

The doctor tells me that we will no longer see ourselves until Monday next week, any doubt that will tell you by phone.

Vista de mi ojos a la mañana perfectos

Sunday 14:00
Visible daylight changes incredibly bright colors and if the cloudy day is different they act and they are reflected lightly.

Monday 10:00
Second NewEyes Laser 2G in the right eye.

17.00 (+ 7h)
The right eye appears without any inconvenience of any type, no complications.

22:00 (+ 12h)
Perfect vision without discomfort or discomfort of ANY type, good feeling.

Tuesday 9.00
At dawn I notice that my vision has improved, it is incredible, but I have corrected the presbyopia that was suffering from my eyes.

Second session held in the left eye.

Wed Thursdays 11:00
Control with the Doctor.

Vista of both perfect eyes. The perfect left eye without discomfort, without pain or sensitivity. The vision is perfect. In my right eye my presbyopian has improved. To have 1.5 to go down in the middle, incredible, in such a way that they no longer serve me with the glasses I currently have.

Good evening Dr.
Pictures of my eyes today perfect all vision and sensations zero without photo sensitivity even apparently they are clarifying when I am going through x hours I am with 5 applications of hyloparin to sweep more and tomorrow it would end with combigan and the tobradex. He sent you pictures for his work, it’s a happy 04/04/2016. An immense greeting, Genius!

So ?? It was the perfect Friday night

I saw them today x the afternoon that I was tired preparing everything for me ?? The game is beautiful, the eyes change, the more they look more turquoise, the left eye and the green green. Beautiful

Thank you! Doctor are you a wonderful being, a true 21st century Genius, that God bless you! I find it incredible its work.
Thank you x for being allowed to be part of your discovery, I have no words since I believe in science and have studied for it. There are no more Genialities, no geniuses in the world, if you are one of them without hesitation. The best without doubt thanks x take care of my eyes and transform them into beautiful.

After a few days he sent us this images of his eyes