Testimonio Grado II

Actual history of a patient who has undergone NewEyesLaser treatment.

Send us several personal pictures to show us your result.

Después del tratamiento

How did you know NewEyes Laser? I met him online. Looking at ophthalmologists and opinions with Dr. Grimaldos Clinic.

Tell us about your treatment experience?

It was very good, I did not imagine that at the same time to perform the laser, the results would already be noticeable. Practically it is almost painless and I have resumed my work life at the moment. Nor did it entail any over-stress post-treatment, since there are a few drops that you have to put in for a few days and it’s easy to combine day by day.

Antes del tratamiento

Why change the color of your eyes?

In my case I had never had a definite color, but had green eyes with brown spots and we did not even brown or green and decided, because no, to eliminate the spots and leave a single tone.

Después del tratamiento

What was your degree of pigmentation and what was the result?
My grade was two, to be clearer, a green bottle and now obtained after removing the brown pigment that covered the iris is a gray pearl Blueish tone. Spectacular! Under this brown color, this new color was hidden. The result is a unique, clean and bright color.

Will you recommend it to your best friend or family member?
Of course yes!

How can we make people understand that this is a real treatment?

The triumphs and advances in techniques are not within the reach of anyone, they will always have their defenders and detractors, and as a personal experience I can say that it is a quick, almost painless and definitive treatment. With excellent results, and in the hands of a professional and close to the patient, Dr. Grimaldos.

Thank you very much.

Antes del tratamiento
Después del tratamiento