Opinion of a patient on treatment change eye color New Eyes Laser


This text is a translation of the testimony in Spanish using Google Translate for ease of understanding. Just validate the texts written in Spanish

Hello! These few lines are to discuss my experience with Eyecos in Barcelona : I decided to find out about the new system to change eye color by laser treatment for purely aesthetic purposes , I also wanted further correction of myopia, but in my case , no is very severe (2.5 diopters) . In Barcelona, ​​the Doctor takes all . He had previously searched references to him in search engines, all quite positive , which gave me confidence. The talk I gave on how to be the treatment was clear and concise , so that convinced me to start . Certainly , being such a novel approach , which is not done in any serious place (at least that I know of ) and most of it is unknown , possible side / effects results , producing some fear and reluctance . In particular , reading the document you sign to start the process, although common, is generated concern . To clearly understand , the same happens to the prospects of any medication , always warns the worst , so that even a simple aspirin can look extremely dangerous. Quickly, in 4 sessions (over 1 review ) which takes the treatment , one realizes the ability and good hand that has the Doctor, surprising for laymen , the ease with which it works , one has the impression that they are doing nothing , but it is not. The color change is very gradual , very slow progressing days will even view the application of the laser . At first, even , one has the feeling that it does not work , that does not change anything. I recognize some impatience , but gradually the results are coming . While my eyes ended not being blue, a color typical brown base ( actually seen in an extension , is a green background, with many brown spots, so is the detail of a brown color) , I have finished in a light green , with a bluish light in the left eye and only green on the right . I can not complain , as it was previously warned that the results may vary from person to person . Probably those starting with dark eyes can see even more radical change. Besides, when the treatment in different sessions, at times and in ways that never broke my daily work routine ( and that I will work in computer science, with continued use of the monitor) , do you know other people in the waiting room , that have taken myopia , specialty ” house ” . All with good results and happy. What makes now , be very clear that I will also also end with myopia and withover 40 years of wearing glasses ! Waiting for 2 months of margin that must be taken between a treatment and another. In my opinion : totally recommended . Regards, Rafa

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  • Pls can somebody tell me how much does it cost to change the color eyes,how many times I have to go to the doctor and how many days I have to stay in barcelona

    6 June, 2015 Reply

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