NewEyes Laser, Unique in the world – Important Notice


First, we justify the intent of this article, is not to discredit any clinical or treatment but do not want to relate our work with the treatment of other clinics.
The Eyecos clinic, located in Barcelona, is the only clinic that performs the treatment of eye color change NewEyes Laser. Any further processing of this type does not belong nor is done in our Clinic.
And with that we want to fully uncheck any other work or laser treatment that these clinics are doing that and is not expressly made by the Eyecos Clinic Barcelona.
First, because no one uses a laser as the neweyes as it is done exclusively for the Eyecos Clinic and is only used in the same clinic.
And secondly, because we know the technology they use and if they have relevant evidence.
The Eyecos clinic has more than 7 years and thousands of dollars invested to develop the NewEyes Laser and perform all relevant tests and protocols to ensure quality and performance as well as the experience of over 3 years with patients.
La mayoría de estas clínicas, de los cuales se dice que hizo el tratamiento, nunca habían pronunciado en el sector de la oftalmología, que nos hace suponer que podría ser de engaños, programas acelerados, y podrían fallar en varias partes del tratamiento.
For this reason and because we value our customer’s eye as sacred, we want to completely get away from this kind of treatment to change eye color.
Also you will have to be careful with the images they publish, because in some cases, images are extracted from digital media Eyecos Clinic (web, video, social networking, publications, etc.) in copy mode so obtaining images of treatments performed, which this fact constitutes fraud.


Here we show you some pictures so you can differentiate that is neweyes and not






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