New techniques to correct heterochromia and change eye color

In recent times have developed modern ophthalmic procedures based on the use of laser technology to change eye color. Although the main use of these sessions is purely aesthetic, eye laser is also valid when correct certain physical abnormalities as heterochromia, easily treatable at any clinic eye color that has this technology.

Heterochromia is a physical condition that occurs when the iris has different colors. The causes of it may be either congenital or acquired; in the latter case usually occurs by direct derivation of injuries or diseases.
It can occur in varying degrees depending on the level of differentiated pigmentation. So, we talk about all heterocromía when each eye has a different shade or partial heterochromia when only a section of this that is affected. The cause of this condition is provided due to a mismatch in the iris melanin level, which determines the chemical pigmentation in plants and animals.

The technique of laser eye color exposure effectiveness based on removing the surface layer existing melanin in the iris. Thus, results of great naturalness that always seek to achieve the actual color of each patient are achieved. Heterochromia can be corrected by such techniques to be able to alter these imbalances in the level of melanin which are the main cause of their appearance.

It is a safe and reliable procedure. As no surgical sessions do not require hospitalization or suture nor have significant side effects not affect the visual structure. Treatment effectiveness has been amply demonstrated in each of the operations that have been performed to date.

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