How to lighten brown eyes?

For this year 2021 we offer a special offer for dark eyes that only want to lighten it without reaching blue or gray.

The Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona launches this offer until June 30 of a unique procedure in the world to lighten dark eyes in a single 4-day phase for only 2825 euros. The result of this non-invasive intervention only lightens the iris to a softer hue. Once the option is chosen there is no going back. If you want a bluish-gray oriented result, you can choose to carry out the intervention at a standard price in several phases. Check prices. Get informed! We are waiting for you at the Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona (Spain), the world’s leading clinic and pioneer in changing eye color with the new Neweyes laser with more than 10 years of experience.

One Step

Just enlighten brown one step Full L4/L5: 2825€ / 3400$ / 2600£