What is Laser treatment neweyes

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For years many men and women dream to change the color of your eyes. The romance of poetry and other archetypes have led to generate this dissent regarding the color of the organ of sight. While all eyes are beautiful, the truth is that there are people willing to do anything to look a look in green or blue, or simply change their appearance. The lenses and represented a revolution at the time but science advances and today can offer new improved techniques for the benefit of beauty and health. Laser Treatment neweyes allows you to change the color of your eyes safely and without compromising visual health.

This is not an outpatient surgical technique, laser, avoiding the risks of intraocular surgery. Y acts on the iris. The results are very natural. Does not affect the eye or visual acuity, just a while after surgery can cause clouding your vision for just four or five hours.

The phases of treatment
Brown eyes may become green or blue. It is real. And to make this possible with all the guarantees, you’ll undergo different phases, in which the eyes are analyzed, the case will be studied and then the results will be reviewed. That is, the person who comes to the clinic makes a first visit to discuss your situation. Each eye is subjected to treatment in a separate session. That is, an operation for each eye, making sure that the result is as expected, the patient returns to the clinic two more sessions to review them.

It is a safe treatment that has not manifested cases of serious damage to the eyes of any patient, however, increase your self-esteem.

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