Laser neweyes: Understanding change eye color

98% of the population has brown eyes compared to 2% that is clear. Through them comes the most of information and are a transmitter optimal mood and an excellent source of communication and seduction. But there are people who do not feel identified with them or show any abnormality and dream of changing the color of his eyes. This possibility is now a reality with neweyes technique, which allows the change of eye color permanently and safely. If you want to see the life of another color, we explain what it is.

First you should know that is a surgically-not ambulatory technique and allows normal life. Also today is the only worldwide able to change the eye color effective, painless and without side effects. Without resorting to lenses or lens implants.

The treatment lies in depigmenting the surface layer of the iris by laser to switch from brown to green or blue hues. Depending on the original color intensity, it will take more or less sessions and controls every six months. Therefore, the first step is to go to consultation or contact by phone to take us or value the first pictures of the iris. In cases of grade III and IV, treatment is laser generation with a cost of $ 3,000. In grade I and II will be 2,000 euros and treatment is available in nine continuous session or in two, with an interval of one or two months between them.

After each session, the care is minimal. Not subjected to discomfort or need to rest. During his two years, about 180 people have increased their self-esteem through this innovative laser technique. With 100% natural results.

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