Laser NewEyes a Safe Technique to Change Eye Color

The Eyecos Barcelona Clinic led by Dr. Pedro Grimaldos , performs neweyes Laser technique for changing eye color is unique in the world today for its innovative treatment.
The Doctor has performed more than 1000 cases in people over 30 countries around the world.
The laser treatment is performed in a safe and irreversible manner , which never get that Thing using colored lenses to change eye color .
If you wear contact lenses to change eye color or as thought about changing the color of eyes directly , you now have the opportunity to do so by NewEyes Laser technique .
Do not worry because this is a safe as any other operation on laser eye , such as the resolution of myopia by LASIK.
In addition the clinic has performing more than 1000 cases of people around the world, all success stories.


The use of laser eye totally differs by implant surgery for change of eye color , as this is more expensive , more dangerous and with a later recovery. By laser eye mean recovery usually occurs within a few hours of making the session.
Treatment involves several sessions using laser NewEyes must perform various tests with the doctor to know whether the person is suitable for carrying out the treatment.

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  • Artemis filacouris

    is this procedure Long term safe and what if any are complications with this so called laser surgery. I am From the U.S. and read about another laser called Stroma in California. Is the process the same and tools same? More advanced? When do you anticipate this open to general public

    14 April, 2015