Keys to eye care when using your computer

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Along with the cold, the computer is a bad ally in our view, as daily use for several hours can affect our eye health. As there is care for your eyes only in winter (although dry eyes caused by the cold is very annoying), this article will show you some tips for eye care when working with your computer.

Whether for business or leisure reasons, we spent many hours at the computer and, over time, appear the first problems in our view. Any symptoms, it is best to go to an eye care professional to make the correct diagnosis and put the right solution but in the meantime, here are some tips to care for your eyes computer monitor.

One of the main eye problems that arise when working for an extended period of time at the computer is eyestrain. From age 40 is normal these symptoms appear and if in addition the person using the computer much, the problem of tired vision is common.

To avoid as far as possible this problem is advisable to maintain a distance of at least 50 inches from the eyes to the screen and stops every 20 minutes, shifting his gaze to other points far at least 8 meters.

It is also advisable to have good lighting in the room, if it can be naturally better. Is essential to avoid glare, very harmful to the eyes.

Cover your eyes and blink often. Is an excellent way to relax your eyes and prevent dryness of the eyes, as this you increase your hydration. Alternatively, sometimes artificial tears can be used to improve ocular lubrication.

With these tips, your eyes will be protected and not have to give up enjoying your computer.

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