Instructions eye color change

Instructions eye color change

1- Quality photograph of your eyes


  • Download Eyes Selfie available for iOS and Android

  • Follow the instructions of the app to get the quality photographs of each of your eyes.


2- Find out what grade you have

-By means of the images made with the Eyeselfie app you will have to compare with the different images of the degrees of this document.

-This way you can see what your grade is.

3- Predicting results


  • Download the NewEyes Scientific Simulator app, available for iOS and Android that you will find in each appstore.

  • You can also perform a simulation using the PC application.

4- 3D simulation of your eye


  • Get a simulation of your eye in 3d from the image of Eye Selfie, play with the brightness and the result of the Scientific Predictor.

  • You will find this app for iOS and Android. You can also install an application for PC or Mac if you want to view it better on your personal computer.

5- Treatment protocol


  • Learn how our treatment for the change of eye color by laser will be carried out.

  • Click to learn everything about the treatment, days, sessions, preparation, etc …


6- Print documentation


  • Download all the necessary documentation to carry out the treatment.

  • You can print all documents using the links.

7- Prepare yourself with everything you need


  • In our online store you will find everything you need to start with the treatment.

7- I want to schedule an appointment and more information


  • I want to schedule an appointment and more information

  • You can also do it from your personal computer through our interactive guide