The Eye Pigmentation Classification for NewEyes Laser

This time we show a document produced by the Eyecos Clinic, the only treatment that makes changing eye color laser, to detect pigmentation of the eyes of stakeholders.

This document is the classification of pigmentation and for the moment can only be subjected to the treatment grades I, II, III.



If you have questions about this topic or any other, you can access the FAQ’s section or send a query to be performed through the contact form of this website.



  • beniel

    hi a am from israel i have a brown dark eyes the new lazer is cen change my color eyes to bright grey blue?when i cen start

    29 September, 2014
      • Naél

        Do you mean that the laser you have now will not work on really dark eyes?

        14 October, 2014
      • mariam

        is the laser change the eye color to blue or it can be changed to different colors and I live in the USA can I arrange a visit to spain anf how much does it cost?

        17 October, 2014
      • z

        The end of 2014 or now that we are April 2015 can you treat iv level pigmentation with 2nd gegeration laser. I ask this because the date seems to be delayed from answers on different blogs and youtube channel.

        29 March, 2015
  • oscar

    Hola ya que este listo el nuevo láser en diciembre para ojos marrón oscuro los tornara verdes o azules o se volverán cafés claros

    16 October, 2014
  • jeff searcy

    Have grade IV eyes would like to be contacted when laser is operational

    20 October, 2014
  • Priscilla Chocron

    I can travel to Bascelona as soon a June 2015 to get the procedure; however, my eyes are even darker than the grade 4 will I qualify? How long will I have to be in Barcelona?

    Puedo viajar a Barcelona en Junio del 2015 para hacerme este pricedimiento pero mis ojos son aun mas oscuro que la classification 4. Podre calificar para este procedimiento? Cuanto tiempo tengo qur estar en Barcelona?

    29 November, 2014
  • Kany Marte

    I live in USA , and I’m a level IV , I would like to get an estimated price and possibly sceduel an appointment , please get back to me soon I have been wanting this for years !!

    8 December, 2014
  • Lia

    I would like to make an appointment as soon as possible to the new laser, second generation because my eyes are IV degree:) Can I do it now? Is the laser available now?

    11 January, 2015
  • kaila

    is this out already? i have light brown eyes and want my eyes a blue. how light would they come out

    23 January, 2015
  • Angel hernandez

    Have grade lv brown eyes. Is the new laser in yet? Would fly from California.

    26 January, 2015
  • Jade

    I’v noticed that the eyes turn more of a greenish color? I though they turned blue.

    15 February, 2015
  • Zohra Javed

    Hello there,

    My name is Zohra and I have grade IV eye color. I saw that it costs $2500. How can I make appt? I live in Italy so the clinic isn’t that far from me. Also have your patients had any long term side effects? I heard you can get glaucoma? Would my eyes turn bright blue?

    13 April, 2015
  • Dor

    Hello everyone My dream is bright eyes And I do not understand anything from the site Those who can help me And say how can we book a doctor in Spain What I need to do! Thank generation

    24 May, 2015
  • suandy

    Buenas!!! Me gustaría que me facilitarais un correo para enviaros la foto de mi ojo para que me dijerais mas o menos el grado y el color que se me quedaría muchas gracias y un saludo

    5 June, 2015
  • Frank Simoncini

    grade 4
    Want to make an appt
    Live in the USA

    12 June, 2015
  • Isabella

    Hola muy buenas llevo.interesada en esta tecnica mas de dos años .. he oido que desde entonces han avanzado en ciertos aspectos ya que antes era por sesiones que podian llegar a prolongarse de 3 a 5 y ahora directamente en una sola sesion se define tanto el color como.el trabajo. Otras de mis dudas es saber si realmente esta técnica es solo utilizada en barcelona o podría realizarla en algun otro lugar del mundo ya que yo vivo en londres. Y por ultimo y no por eso menos importante el costo eentiendo que es algo estrictamente reservado pero quisiera saber sí varía, si ha variado o si variará. Desde el inicio que si no recuerdo mal eran 2000 Euros.
    Gracias por la Atención espero ser respondida , lo antes posible viajo a barcelona en Un lo.agradecería . Saludos

    28 June, 2015