EYCL1 gene is responsible for the green and blue color of the eyes on chromosome 19. On chromosome 15 the responsible for the brown color is EYCL2 gene. Also in chromosome 15 it is EYCL3 gene that causes pigmentation of skin and hair, and whose mutations cause different forms of albinism.
Based on the two genes Theory , we fi rst developed a software and then a mobile application to calculate the result of laser iridoplasty, taking into account the personal characteristics together with those of the parents: color of eyes, skin and hair (Figure).
However, we found cases of ignorance of the ancestors, in which the use of the Predictor program was not reliable. So we carried out research with prestigious geneticists who developed a special probe that located the genes responsible for eye color and their different melanin production capacities.

Scientifi c result by Eye Cos App Predictor for a level 3 pigmented eye. A normal tone green outcome will be expected at 98% probability. Photo shows a real patient example.

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