The dark green or blue eyes to clarify, a viable possibility

Lighten dark eyes to lighter colors like green or blue is now a fully viable possibility. Thanks to the Eyecos Clinic of Barcelona and its revolutionary method of laser eye neweyes without surgery, brown eyes can become permanently clear, ie without the use of contact lenses.


The laser NewEyes used by the clinic performs elimination of the outer layer of the pigment that imparts color to brown or black eyes (called melanin and also responsible for the color of the skin) in the iris. This way, you get clear dark eyes and turn them into clear naturally and completely safe, because, so far, found side effects (apart from the misty view resets past few hours after laser sessions ). To perform this treatment about 5 laser sessions are needed over some subsequent control.


This pioneering treatment is also effective for correcting heterochromia (a condition that results in that the patient has an eye for color other than another), which until the appearance of this technique was impossible to treat without lenses. The laser to lighten dark eyes can also be combined with different treatments to correct eye defects such as myopia or astigmatism. However, not accepted for this treatment for persons suffering from chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or psychopathy.


They may not realize it, as is logical, those having chronic eye diseases such as uveitis and glaucoma.

With the method of the Eyecos Clinic of Barcelona (with an approximate cost of 2000 euros and a success rate of 100%) many patients have been able to clarify your eye color permanently, safely and with predictable results…….


This text is a translation of the original in Spanish. It may contain some translation errors. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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