Clínica Eyecos y el Cambio de color de ojos

Eye color is one of the most noticeable characteristics of a person, and for some people, changing it can be a dream come true. Thanks to modern medical technology, today it is possible to safely and effectively change eye color.

The Eyecos clinic is one of the most prominent clinics in the field of eye surgery. With their Neweyes Laser 7G Ultimate Custom Laser technique, they have helped many people to change the color of their eyes.

With the modern technology of the Eyecos clinic and the Neweyes Laser 7G Ultimate Custom Laser, patients can make their dream of a new eye color come true safely and effectively.


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Clínica Eyecos
Telf: +34 938 10 22 50
Calle Tuset 23-25, 08006 Barcelona