Clarifying eyes with total security: Now Is Possible

The Eyecos Clinic of Barcelona has Launched two years ago the UN Single System in the World that allows lighten the color of the eyes with direction safely. Dozens of characters have moved from All Points asset para esta balloon test method pioneered That, like many other treatments , is based on the application of laser in the eyes .

Laser neweyes That is the name given must esta technique Able to switch to the color of the iris and thus clarify Eyes Of A safe, Efficient and predictable. People Who have tried have experienced UNOS All Natural Results and have changed the color of brown eyes On a green or blue. This is achieved by a iridoplasty , For Whom UN PROCEDURE laser impacts are applied on the surface , eliminating the pigmented iris surface layer and exposing the lower layers , UN Brighter color.

Being In A non- ambulatory surgical technique , Laser neweyes lacks the typical complications of intraocular surgery . Una Vez UN Performed Prior check the health of your eyes and Informed Patient Characteristics Treatment , Laser Applications begin , which can range from five to eight , depending on the original color of the eye : The Darker , More Sessions yes they need . After each Feeling You Can Have blurred vision for about four hours and a series of eye drops Hay Que applied during a week , But Can Be Done normal life.

A consistent OTHER METHODS difference in the Placement of Implants in Interior Eye, neweyes Just Presented Further complications . That if , when you decide to change color of the eyes, Keep in Mind That There Is A method Whose son irreversible results .
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  • Dante

    Is the 2nd generation neweyeslaser out yet?

    28 January, 2015