Change the color of your eyes easily and securely

Who has not dreamed of having green eyes ? Or blue ? Now it is possible . Thanks to the latest innovations in laser eye , change the color of the eyes is no longer the stuff of science fiction to become something available to anyone , anywhere in the world.

The Eyecos Clinic , Barcelona , has spent years at the forefront of research in this field and is the only world that makes the change eye color by a unique and novel technique , the Laser neweyes . It is the first that lets you change the color of the iris of a safe, effective and predictable way , without surgery , injury , or suture , which does not involve any complications from surgery.

The Laser neweyes system is, therefore , a highly reliable technique that does not diminish one iota visual acuity and has been successfully applied to more than 300 people worldwide . Thanks to this modern technology , 300 people have been able to change the color of your eyes and now enjoy the look you always dreamed .

This advanced laser technique born from the firm commitment to clinical research Eyecos Barcelona , which has its own R + D + I, focused on continuous optimization of results and the development of new technologies exclusively as Laser neweyes . It is formed by a group of professionals dedicated solely to eye health , which guarantee 20 years of experience , optimal results over those two decades in refractive surgery and aesthetics , and a constant focus on innovation , training and technological development; this vocation novel and unique technique Laser neweyes arises , and with it the ability to change the eye color .

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