How to change eye color with New Eyes Laser

Nature is often capricious and gives us an eye color with which we do not feel entirely comfortable. It may also happen that because of an injury or illness, Iridum heterochromia, ie occurs, each possesses a different tone iris. Well, it is now possible to change eye color in a completely securely with New Eyes Laser, based on a technique for outpatient laser eye, the same as is used in cases of cataracts, nearsightedness or astigmatism. Thus, in just a moment, will have completely solved the problem.


While it is true that so far there were other interventions that achieved the change of eye color, as biokinesis or ocular implant techniques actually laudable, the laser operates in a faster way. Likewise, you can also use lenses from patients who do not wish, for the moment undergo any operation. However, should know that the NewEyes Laser technology lacks the complications of intraocular surgery. Moreover, the results obtained are quite natural and known beforehand for sure.


So far, more than 180 patients have been treated completely satisfactory way they have not submitted any complaint or complication, even slight alterations as photophobia, dryness, pain or irritation. Nor have emerged elevations in intraocular pressure or refraction. The only side, fully treatable effect has been the stromal microhaemorrhage, which is solved in 100% of cases. Clinical Eyecos Barcelona is responsible for performing this operation and, for the moment, is unique in the world. Dr. Grimaldos, a real specialist in the field with extensive knowledge and experience, oversees all interventions. Dare to solve your problem now!


* This text is a translation of the original in Spanish. It may contain some translation errors. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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