Change your eye color with natural results

New technologies applied to change the eye color laser are assuming a revolution in the world of modern ophthalmology to be, for the moment, the only way to achieve this naturally. A clinical eye color which adopts such methods can achieve real results away from the artificiality associated with other solutions more prosthetic character.

There are several alternatives to this technique eye color, but the laser stands out as the most suited to the nature and genetics of each person. Contrary to what happens with ocular implants or contact lenses, the laser procedure does not choose the final color derived from the operation. The result is real, it is based on a natural iris tone fading is sensed in advance and in the laser prior to the first session phases.

The method by which these results are obtained is pure removing the uppermost layer of the iris melanin. Thus, the tone is obtained at the end of the whole process is one that was overshadowed by that layer of melanin eliminated and the result is, consequently, the actual color of the iris presented beneath.

The resulting shades stand out for their realism and beauty then, as it is a natural process, the color itself is too. It is, in short, of a foreign proceeding dyes and artificial colorings whose purpose is simply to change the eye color logically explaining the tone of the iris of the patient.

Rinsing eye color laser technique is also demonstrated safety. Side effects are nonexistent and speed cleaning operation and are backed by patients who have undergone it.

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