Change your eye color with laser. Case Studies – Before and after

Treatment for changing the color of the eyes is a safe treatment and has been performed in more than 300 cases of people from more than 30 countries worldwide.

The treatment is performed exclusively by the clinic eyecos Barcelona, ​​pioneera in treatments like laser treatment to change eye color, like laser treatments PRESBILASER the Custom Lasik for myopia among other treatments by refractive surgery.

We show the before and after two real cases.




Another case of treatment to change eye color



  • Dawn

    Wow, that looks great. I wish I could afford it : )

    6 June, 2014
  • Youssef

    No risks ? No cancer ? Something ?

    11 June, 2014
      • Andrew Hyatt Masset III

        I have been waiting and wanting and wishing that i somehow could change my eye color to blue all my life. I can see the blue underneath the brown and i know this procedure would absolutely be a success. Please let me know when and where i can get this done here in the US or abroad. I anxiously await your reply.

        Thank you..

        13 April, 2015
      • Maria Aubrey Bondoc

        I have heterochromia: my eyes are blue and brown. Is it possible to turn blue eyes to brown because I only see that you turn brown to blue. Thanks

        11 June, 2015
  • Dawn

    Can you change dark brown eyes to light brown or light hazel eye color?

    18 June, 2014
      • Alyx

        Is dark brown change to green available to the public yet?

        21 October, 2014
  • Dawn

    Can you change the eye color to Only blue and green?
    or can you also make the color light brown/hazel color?
    Like sand color?

    20 June, 2014
  • kamilia chadli

    i heard that don’t dark brown eyes but then i see they do? what sis the final verdict on lightening brown-dark brown eyes. i want this procedure done

    24 June, 2014
      • oscar

        is september!! can you turn dark brown eyes green or blue now ?

        4 September, 2014
        • Fred

          It is past September now it is October 2014 so can you change dark brown eyes to a light green or light blue?

          15 October, 2014
  • Saba

    I have dark brown eyes and I want to change the color into grey. can you do so? please I want full information about this

    28 June, 2014
  • parisa

    Dear sir.
    I live in Iran as you know its far.I would like to know If I come there.How long I must stay?
    How long it takes for changing color my eyes?
    Do you know in Iran some doctor do that?
    Actually I dont know I have dark brown eyes or not…becuase they are dark but with green circle around them.
    I send a proffesional photo to doctor but He dosent answer me.
    Thank you

    30 June, 2014
  • elie adem

    hello i want to do the surgery but is it 100%safe?i mean later in my life it s guaranteed that i ll have no problems in my vision?thank u

    9 July, 2014
  • Zuley

    I want to do this procedure immediately… but do I have to wait until sept, thanks

    22 July, 2014
      • hi , im raymund from philippines . imy e ye color is naturally black, and i wanted to change it into blue or green, is it possible?

        19 November, 2014
  • Luca

    Are you a part of Stroma Medical in America? They have a laser too that treats the eye in one treatment and it is completely blue with no brown middle, but I didn’t know they were available yet.

    27 July, 2014
  • Great post! My brown eyes are starting to turn green, it’s the strangest thing. Keep up the good work here!

    5 August, 2014
      • zivar

        hello.i have dark brown eyes,and 6 month ago My vision was bad and i had operation Lasik laser.can I change my eye color?And please price of operation.and how along i must dstay in Barcelona.I am from Baku

        15 June, 2015
  • melissa

    If you like the results after one session does it cost less and has anyone had hazel as the results? Thank you

    19 August, 2014
  • Roby

    I’m colorblind, can i do new eyes laser procedure?


    20 August, 2014
  • Anon

    Dear admin,

    How much will the laser treatment cost?

    … I really dislike having brown eyes, so I seriously want to do this laser treatment! However, I’m really, really scared to do so… Is there a possibility to do one eye at the time?

    Will this cost extra?

    1 September, 2014
  • oscar

    hi , can you turn dark brown eyes green or blue now?

    4 September, 2014
  • Keep this going please, great job!

    17 September, 2014
  • Dan Smith

    I have brown eyes and wish to have this procedure done I wonder if you guys could show hi-res pics of before/after someone with darker brown eyes to blue or green I am 100% on board to have this done but would like to see how it looks after on darker brown eyes

    21 September, 2014
  • Fayevalentino

    I see that the new laser for dark eyes is now effective. I corresponded via email about my eye color and expectations. I was told to check back in December to schedule an appointment. Is this true? How long would I need to stay in barcelona to receive the initial treatment? And how long for subsequent treatments? Can I keep visiting until I reach the 6 treatment limit?

    22 September, 2014
  • Bill Bernhardt-Purdy

    I have what I call “baby shit” green eyes and I’m interested in learning how to lighten them.

    10 October, 2014
  • Todd Langston

    I want to change my eye color from dark brown to a hazey blue, but problem is that i got mild astigmatism.. can i still have the procedure

    If for my first session went well but hasnt gone hazey blue how i wanted it, it it also possible to have another treatment to make it lighter

    ive also done some research in eyes and im bit skeptical, but can you leave certain parts of the eye brown like the outline.. this is something im not interested in but wanting to know more details

    17 October, 2014
      • alma

        My name is alma. I am very interested to get this procedure done to change the color of my eyes. I was hoping if you could kindly answers some of the questions that have been bothering me about it though.
        1. Can I change my eye colour to yellow hazel instead of blue?
        2. Are there any (short/long term) risks involved?
        3. How much will it cost me? (including medicines if any)
        4. I’m short sighted. Can I still undergo this procedure?
        Kindly address these questions if you can. Thank you

        21 December, 2014
  • Madeline

    Procedure time / sessions?


    21 October, 2014
  • tatiana

    dark brown eye what to expect? have already send a mail.

    27 October, 2014
  • sheena

    I currently have dark brown eyes and want to change the colour to a smokey grey is this currently available. Thanks

    3 November, 2014
  • John nguyen

    I would like to set up an appoint to get this done. Thank you

    9 November, 2014
  • jean

    i had lasik for my myopia 10 years ago,
    From my last eyes examination in 2013,eveything is perfect …
    if i can get this laser to change my eyes colour?

    10 November, 2014
  • Aziz

    I sent so many messages and emails to request an appointment because I am visiting Spain in February but no one is answering me. How do I make arrangements for this procedure?

    11 November, 2014
      • Jessica

        Hi how long the gap between sessions.? Thanks

        16 November, 2014
  • Maya

    Hi can i know how much time take until the eyecolor change after this laser Operation? Thanks

    23 November, 2014
  • Alexander

    Is the 2nd Generation laser(New Laser) overall a better laser than the 1st generation? As in will you see better results and less brown left over in the eyes, regardless of the brown pigmentation, if you choose to do the new laser?

    25 November, 2014
  • Jos

    How about changing dark grey/ blue to light grey/blue? I also have brown spots in my eyes from using latisse .

    29 November, 2014
  • Milie

    Bonjour, quelle est la différence de laser entre Stroma et Eyecos ?
    Et faites vous des offres tout inclus avec l’hotel ?


    Hello , what is the difference between laser and Stroma Eyecos ?
    And do you all inclusive offers With the hotel ?

    thank you

    18 December, 2014
  • Venus mccary

    Hi is the laser for dark brown eyes available yet. How long is the process and number if sessions thank you

    22 December, 2014
  • Priyanka bansal

    hello sir
    i m from.India…i want to know is it change black eyes to hazel and what’s the charge for it

    4 January, 2015
  • Braulio

    Hello, I have dark brown eyes and I’m interested in the procedure, is the new laser available yet?.

    12 January, 2015
  • Zara

    Hallo my Name is zara. I will Change my eyecolour. I have Brown eyes and i will my eyes light Brown. When can I do that? I have the doctor often written but never got an answer . Please in 1-2 Month i will my eyes light Brown

    17 January, 2015
  • Kamal

    Is the procedure available for dark brown eyes now ? And can i send my pics for evaluation ?

    19 January, 2015
  • Faith Marie Thomas

    My eyes are light gray, are there any options for changing my eye color? I want them to appear more blueish/green.

    2 February, 2015
  • Bryan

    Hey, so far you’ve answered all my questions with what you’ve been replying to the people., I appreciate that. My one question is does this effect your genes to the eye color you get after the procedure ?
    My mom has green eyes I have brown

    13 February, 2015
  • noori

    Hi. I want to do this surgery. I have emailed your company and got no reply.
    Please reply back.
    I have some questions..
    (1) are results permenant?
    (2) will the eye suffer? Since the blue behind the eye is used? As it is how you are able to change from dark to blue or to green..?
    (3) please be honest.. can this make a patient blind?? And if no,how so?
    (4)what is the price in $?
    (5) my eyes are brown.. it says in your website a patient needs several sessions. But is it a weekly session? Or everyday for a week?as I do not live in Spain and as I mentioned my eyes are brown. And I must know an estimated time frame between each session and how many sessions do I need because of my work. So I want to know how long should I stay in Spain for?
    (6) what is better? The laser for eye color change? Or the iris implants?
    (7) I heard this might cause glaucoma.. this is very serious. I am insecure about my eye color. I am a white 22 year old but I am scared to lose my vision!please answer all my questions..thank u so much.
    (8)where does the brown pigment of my eye go? As this really concerns me!

    16 February, 2015
  • Dina


    Please when is the laser for darkbrown eyes evelable?
    Everry time i ask this question i get the anser…..about 6 months and about 2 monht. The last time what i have heard was this jear januari.
    Please when is it really.
    Thank you


    16 February, 2015
  • Meraya

    Hey im from netherland and want to lighten My eye colour.what are the cost and how much time it Will take? I have very dark Brown eyes.please mail back at

    22 February, 2015
  • kim

    Hello. I’m in the states and would like to request a consultation with the dr but have gotten no response. I have dark brown eyes and understand there is no laser approved yet except for light/ med brown?? Please confirm on this before i make any further arrangements for travel.
    Thank you, kimberly

    3 March, 2015
  • Roxy

    I have brown eyes with hazel (but my eyes are too dark to notice)… I want my eyes to be light green, is that possible with the laser treatment?

    Also, my boyfriend has grey blue eyes, and he wants his eyes to be light blue… is that also possible?

    Any warnings on side effects and health problems?

    xx 🙂

    9 March, 2015
  • anon

    Will violet and any ‘strange’/alternative eye colors be possible in the future? I seriously want my eyes to be PURPLE. ♥

    9 March, 2015
  • Ella

    Hello, I’m curious as to whether or not your treatments work for dark eyes now? Thank you.

    14 March, 2015
  • Kaseem

    Hi i want to know does the 2000 euros cover the four sessions and if its extra whats the price for the extra session and also theres a lady on youtube did she get her eyes done from eyecos neweyes too?
    Im having doubts about it as many are saying that it could lead to glucoma … Also, im going to my eye specialist and speak to them about it whether it would be reccomended for me to do the laser.

    1 April, 2015
  • Jessica

    That is beautiful. I wish a procedure like this were available in the US– my eyes are light brown but have no sparkle, and it would be great if I could lighten them in a natural looking way!

    5 April, 2015
    • Jessica

      A random thought also: I find it surprising people find the idea so alarming. To me, it almost sounds like the equivalent of having laser treatments to remove scars and dark spots from the skin (destroying melanin). Having a laser treatment to the eye sounds less fussy and problematic than placing plastic lenses with all those eye drops in the eye day after day.

      5 April, 2015
  • noori

    sorry to say that no one answered my emails properly and was so unprofessional !i wrote in english and they would reply in spanish , i called and talked to them they said to send my photo and i did then no one answered all the questions i took time to type !!very disappionted

    15 June, 2015