Change the color of the eyes is now scientifically possible

Have you ever dreamed of a change in the color of your eyes ? Many people have wished a thousand times wake up and the color of his eyes had changed . Today this dream to change the eye color is available to everyone.

The Eyecos Barcelona Clinic is the first and , so far , only place where it is possible , through technical innovation and affordably change the eye color . The technique was developed in Germany and is a simple procedure that does not involve surgery, but using laser eyes.

The dark eyes have a greater amount of melanin , which determines its darkness. Therefore, this laser treatment is changing the amount of melanin present in the iris , reducing and thus obtaining a clear color, but natural to the eye.

Despite being a practice that is performed for the first time in a clinic , the technique is quite safe . The professionals who carry out state that so far there has been no indication whatsoever of harmful side effects to the eyes and correct operation . It is a reliable treatment , devoid of complications that could have an intraocular surgery .

Also, the technique allows a prediction of what would be the end result of treatment , thus , patients do not undergo the outcome as an unknown , but before starting treatment have been able to foresee what the new color of their eyes .

Nothing has been done in this technique 300 . These patients from all over the world have traveled to Barcelona solely to undergo the treatment.

Thanks to this, many people may choose the color of his eyes.
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  • Angel Hernandez

    Hello my names angel I’ve contacted you several times and I’ve always gotten a response and I’m curious to know if the new laser has came out for dark brown eyes. I’m really interested in flying over from California to get this done. Thank you,

    23 February, 2015