Change the color of your eyes neweyes Laser treatment

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Want to change the color of your eyes comfortably and safely? Then you have to submit to treatment Neweyes Laser. Is a treatment that changes the color of the iris of your eyes without submitting to surgery because it is an outpatient treatment.

The treatment consists neweyes depigmenting the iris surface layer through use of laser. Thus, people who have brown eyes can brighten your tone and achieve green or blue eyes permanently, preventing the continued use of contact lenses.

Among the advantages is precisely that by not having to undergo surgery, postoperative process is removed and general anesthesia and contraindications is also avoided. No medical side effects.

Moreover, it is a definite process (so you no longer have recourse to the lenses that dry eyes) that is completed in about three weeks, a period that can be extended, depending on the color of the iris initially.

The more brown than the initial color of the iris, the more likely to get green eyes. Meanwhile, if you have hazel eyes, you can get a glimpse of blue.

As the number of sessions also vary depending on the initial color, but on average is around six sessions. The treatment costs about 2,000 euros.

Note that this treatment is consistent with others seeking eye problems such as myopia, cataracts, astigmatism or hyperopia.

It is one of the newest trends in aesthetics and fashion, and a high percentage of people have been treated at the clinic (which is located in Barcelona) with the procedure neweyes Laser have done for aesthetic reasons, but also attended by people with complex, by having different colored eyes (ie suffering heterochromia).

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  • vickram

    i want to go through this procedure and im open for human testing as well.

    5 June, 2015