Iriz Workstation: a new update for the eye color change technique

In the framework of the XXVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Lasers, Dr. Grimaldos has explained the new updates concerning the 532 nm Crystal Q-Switched Laser, developed by Eyecos Clinic in its applications for eye color change. In this fourth update of the research, carried out since 2014, we have presented the […]

Eye color change an effective and safe method

The Neweyes method, developed by the Eyecos Clinic, is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the iris in an effective, safe, predictable way. Recently, Dr. Grimaldos has presented in “International Ophthalmology” the results of this procedure after 10 years of research. 91% of patients who initiate treatment do so for purely esthetic reasons […]

Lighten brown eyes

The Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona launches a unique procedure in the world to lighten dark eyes in a single 4-day phase. We use the Neweyes Laser 6G Plus technique, a non-surgical outpatient method. Eyecos is the world’s leading clinic and a pioneer in this procedure. We have an extensive experience of more than 10 years. With […]

Changing your eyes color

Changing your eyes color in 2020 has never been easier with less sessions and more consistent results at the Eyecos Clinic which is now equipped with new sixth generation Laser tools. BOOK NOW FOR 2021  

Rigid admission criteria for candidates

General: Over 18 years old and healthy -No psychiatry history -No drugs or hormones addiction -No self immune diseases. Ocular: No glaucoma history -Eye pressure under 15mmHg -No uveitis or iritis history -No high refractive defects -With 1, 2, 3 or 4 pigment levels, but not too dark.