6 tips to prevent dry eyes in the cold

Extreme weather conditions affect eye health. The cold causes dryness of the eyes that usually manifests as irritated eyes and / or red. How to prevent it? Eye care is needed in winter, following these six tips to prevent dry eyes in the cold:

1. Wear sunglasses. The sun’s rays are harmful even in winter, eyes always need proper protection. With wind and snow is also necessary to take extreme care of the eyes.
2. Check the relative humidity of the home and workplace, if necessary, uses humidifiers.
The dry heating the atmosphere, favoring the ocular dryness.
3. Do not neglect hydration. The sensation of thirst is not the same in winter than in summer, but hydration is equally necessary.
Commitment to hot tea or broth, bring liquids in a nice way against the cold of winter.
4. Review your diet. A diet rich in foods that provide water as green leafy vegetables and fruits such as apples helps maintain eye health.
5. Control and limit the time of exposure to computer screens or similar devices which promote dry eye.
The cold weather invites to stay refugee heat the home. Increase the hours that adults and children spend at the computer playing games, watching movies or interacting in social networks. For a good eye hygiene is also necessary eye care at the computer, avoiding prolonged exposure.
6. Consultation with eye care professionals – optical or oftalmólogos- the need to use artificial tear drops.

In winter converge harmful factors for eye health. You need to remain vigilant and keep always in mind these six tips to prevent dry eyes cold.

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